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Event calendar
Colorful events throughout the seasons in Nishiwaga

Nishiwaga Dogtooth Violet CorridorAt the end of the month

The view of the prunus sargentii and dogtooth violets blooming against the background of the snow-covered Ou mountains is breathtaking.

Kinshuko Lake FestivalThe Saturday before the last Sunday of the month

Many events are held including fireworks displays and traditional performing arts.

Lake Kinshuko MarathonLast Sunday of the month

More than 2,000 runners come from all over Japan to compete during the spring. Several distance categories include, 10km, 20km, and a 30km marathon.

Nishiwaga Mountain Hiking Season OpeningLast Sunday of the month

Yearly opening ceremonies are held for each of the main mountains in the area including Mt. Mahiru, Mt. Minamihonnai, Mt. Megami, and Mt. Kouge.

Iris Park OpeningEarly in the month

More than 120,000 irises comprised of 120 varieties are blooming in various colors.

Shiki Hateshirazu no Michi Haiku FestivalFourth Sunday

This event is held as part of Yumoto Onsen Haiku Community Development.

Sawauchi Master’s Marathon RaceFirst Sunday of the month

Runners race through the wilderness under the midsummer sun.

Shinmachi Funekko Nagashi16th

Floats of various sizes move in a procession through the neighborhood in this Okuribon festival.

Sawauchi Jinku National ContestAutumnal Equinox Day

Sawauchi Jinku are folk songs sung about the sad legend of Oyone. Folk songs are sung competitively by fans gathered from all over Japan at the contest.

Yugawa Onsen Mushroom FestivalBeginning of the month

Mushroom exhibitions, sales, restaurants, and traditional folk performances are held. Many people come to buy various types of mushrooms.

Yuda and Shigarai Ski Areas OpenMiddle of the month

The two municipally run ski areas are conveniently located right along the highway, making it easy for you to enjoy winter sports. The snow is abundant and the lift tickets are cheap.

Nagamatsu Koritori (Yunosawa Naked Festival)

This festival is held on December 12th of the old Japanese calendar in the Yunosawa area in a prayer for mountain safety, a bountiful harvest, and good health. Men gather at Yamazumi Shrine, pound mochi rice cakes, and jump into the river wearing nothing but a loincloth.

Shirokino Ningyo Okuri19th

This is an event that drives the evil spirits away. The procession is around the local area.

Hotto Yuda Northern Japan Snowball Fight TournamentLast Saturday and Sunday

Many teams participate every year in this festival out in the snow, enjoying fierce battles while enjoying the snow. The winner of the tournament continues to the national snowball tournament.

Yukiakari (Snow Lights)Beginning of the month

An event held in Nishiwaga from the heavy snowfall. From the snow, elaborate snow sculptures are made around the town. Bus tours are available to see the best statues of the year.

Shatou Snow MikoshiMiddle of the month

This event prays for a healthy year. Those carrying the shrine wear very little.

Sawauchi Cross Country Ski RaceMiddle of the month

This race is for elementary and middle school students in Iwate. Sawauchi is home to some of the best cross-country skiers that northern Japan has to offer.